How is Cutshort different from other hiring solutions and what is its Return on Investment (ROI)?

Hiring quality tech talent in a dynamic market like today can be a challenging process. If you are considering Cutshort, let us help you understand how it can improve your current hiring process.

Note that hiring is a complex process and you may still need to use other solutions apart from Cutshort. We offer easy integrations with several tools in Sourcing, ATS, Assessment, Meeting softwares to help you do this.

Most commonly compared hiring solutions in India

There are many small players, but only a few popular solutions that companies use:

1. Cutshort

2. Naukri.com

3. LinkedIn

4. Instahyre

What does Cutshort offer?

Let's look at what Cutshort offers and what makes it different.

#1 Top tech talent that is hard to find anywhere else

Cutshort's gives you access to top tech talent. Talent that you won't discover on other platforms easily.

#2 Discovery of right candidates, superfast

Access to great quality tech talent is a good starting point. But amongst so many candidates, who are the right fit for you?

Cutshort has developed powerful features such as Skill Validator, Job Matcher, Quality Grader & WhatsApp Notifier to help you reach the most relevant and competent candidats faster.

#3 Ability to focus on top candidates and make offers that get accepted

Other solutons like Naukri provide only the resumes. But there is a long way to make offers and then offers also often don't result in joinings.

Since Cutshort enabled recruiters to focus on a few most relevant and interested candidates, they are able to understand candidates better and hence make offers that candidates are more likely to accept.

With Offer Assistant feature, Cutshort even alerts you if the candidate needs more engagement. 

Summary of what each solutions offers to your hiring outcomes

In short, Cutshort is not a resume database. Cutshort is a powerful platform that brings everything you need to hire better in 2022.

Cutshort offers unparalleled ROI

Although other platforms may look cheaper, their total ownership turns out to be much higher.

Let's see the benefits Cutshort brings to companies.

Faster TATs minimize loss to business

Every role brings an important value to a company. And each week of delay in getting the right person adds to a big notional loss to the company.

To put it in perspective, a company typically loses 2 Lakhs worth of potential returns for 1 extra week delay in onboarding the right person (assuming a 5x ROI on salary cost and 24LPA salary of the hire). For just a 2 week reduction in TAT with Cutshort, the cost saving on just 1 role is INR 4 Lakhs.

40% to 70% savings on the recruiting bandwidth

With Cutshort, recruiters no longer need to

👉 Search candidates and reach out to them to check interest.

👉 Call each & every candidate

👉 Send reminders and manual emails/WhatsApp messages

👉 Coordinate hiring process manually with other team members.

*In terms of numbers, since good recruiters cost around INR 1Lakh/month, a 50% saving of their time results in annual savings of INR 6Lakh for just 1 recruiter. If your team has 3 recruiters, this will be close to INR 18Lakhs. This time saved can be invested in higher order recruitment functions.

No hard requirement to buy other products such as ATS, assessments, feedback survey tools

Cutshort integrates well with any tools you are using such as ATS, assessment tools, feedback surveys etc.

However, for most companies, Cutshort brings most functionalities they need. Since candidates are on Cutshort, the other benefit they get is they have access to the most recent data of the candidate such as phone numbers, emails, companies they are working in, etc.

In terms of numbers, this saving could be INR 6 to INR 25Lakhs/annum given the overall cost of procuring, configuring and running these systems.

Makes your hiring process more efficient over time

Cutshort's biggest advantage is even bigger - by freeing up your time, giving you the market data and valuable features, Cutshort helps you tech hiring sharper and more predictable.

This means your TAT will keep on decreasing, your time savings will keep on improving and your business will keep on growing faster.

Join 22000+ companies that have made Cutshort their tech hiring advantage

At Thoughtworks, we started using Cutshort in 2021 and have found the platform to be extremely helpful to connect with great talent. We have made around 20 offers this year so far. What makes the platform stand out from the crowd is its ability to show relevant candidates who have been carefully curated based on the job requirements. We are truly appreciative of the quality of talent we have been able to connect with via Cutshort. The team is happy that it has helped reduce the TAT and added other cost benefits to the business.

Recruiting Program Manager

Ready to hire the talent that's hard-to-find in days, not months?

It's time to Cut short.

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