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Insider recruiting opportunities

Plug into the hiring opportunities from the members of the community + CutShort team that sees 5000+ new profiles in the market every day!

Recording from our Zoom event on 17th June 2021 in which the the recruitment team at ThoughtWorks shared their experiences on "How to hire great talent in a competitive market".

An inside view of what other companies are doing

Exclusive Friday meetups to hear how companies are solving their recruiting challenges in a post COVID-19 world.

Data reports from CutShort's community of 1Million users.

Quick FAQs

Is this free?

Yes, this community is free. However, the entry is only given to high quality recruiting professionals.

Where do I get alerts and updates?

Once you get access to the community, you will get alerts on WhatsApp or Telegram,

Why CutShort is doing this for free?

We believe recruiting is fragment and the community has a huge potential of helping each other. We want to play a part in unlocking this value.

How can I contribute?

You're welcome! Please join and share your tips and information with us so that we can spread it with other members.

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