Sort out your hiring in 2021

A big rebound is expected to happen in 2021. Ensure your hiring plan is all sorted with these exclusive deals for 2021.

Limited quanitities only. Grab them while they last!

Never seen before deals

Limited quantities only

Annual / short term upgrades

For a limited time only

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One answer to all your hiring goals in 2021

In 2021, our talent pool is expected to grow 3x faster and our features are going to get a big upgrade. 

Whether you want to hire experienced talent or freshers, from software roles to product roles, CutShort will continue to offer what you need.

Exclusive 2021 deals

Annual subscription

Prime Annual Subscription (Budget)

INR 59,970/yr

Features of Recruiter Essentials plan
Unlimited profile unlocks*
Up to 3 recruiter seats
Candidates < INR 10 LPA salary

* Unlimited profile unlocks are offered only for bona-fide recruiting purposes only. Scraping or hoarding profiles you don't intend to hire in next 1 month will violate the terms of usage and will reset the usage limit to 100 profile unlocks/month from thereon.

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We normally don't offer such deals so we do expect you to have some questions!

Why are you offering these deals?

As we all transition from a tough 2020 to a brighter 2021, we wanted to offer something special for our customers to remove challenges from their hiring plans. 

Are these recurring charges?

No. These are one time payments and your card will NOT be charged automatically again.

Is Prime (Budget) for me?

This plan is suggested only when you offer salaries less than INR 10-12 Lakhs/annum. Note that you will NOT see any candidates whose salary data is not available OR have current salaries higher than 10 Lakhs/annum. 

Can you explain how does Super Saver club work?

Super Saver club is not a subscription - it's a membership program that gives you 15% discount on all subscriptions/ You pay an initial fees of INR 15,000 but it is fully redeemed in form of discounts in your first 3 upgrades.

I'm an existing customer. Can I avail of these offers?

We believe in fairness to all our customers, new or existing.

Hence, if you bought annual Prime membership at a higher price, we are happy to offer the difference in form of credits in your account. We will also extend the pause subscription benefit to you. Just talk to us.

Can we expect more such deals in future?

We don't offer deals in general, but have made an exception to help companies plan their 2021 hiring after a tough year.

Join 12,000+ companies that are upgrading from job portals

Hiring shouldn't be hard work. Why run around multiple places, call every candidate, manage spreadsheets and pray for your roles to get closed? Take control of your hiring with CutShort now!

Hiring has been so much of hard work for our small recruiting team. With CutShort, we have closed multiple positions. But more importantly, we are now able to bring efficiency and order to our hiring process.
Abhijat Shukla

Founder and CEO at ThinkBumbleBee

Limited quantities only. Grab the offers while they last!